Patsy Dan Mac Rodgers
  • Name
    Patsy Dan Mac Rodgers
  • Country
    Tory Island, Irland

Artist, Musician and King of Tory, Patsy Dan Mac Ruaíri (Rodgers) is Tory Island's best known resident. As a young man he was one of the leading campaigners against the Government's plans to resettle the islanders on the Donegal mainland following storms in 1974 that had cut off Tory Island for nearly two months.

Patsy Dan Rodgers was one of the original members of the Tory School of Art, whose patron was the renowned artist the late Derek Hill. Led by James Dixon they mounted their first combined exhibition at the New Gallery, Belfast in 1968. Their acclaimed appearance was to be the forerunner of many similar showings around the world in the years that followed. In recent years with a seemingly never ending supply of his work mostly portraying island life, he has been the driving force behind art on Tory along with Anton Meenan and Ruari Rodgers.

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